Here Are 20 Photos Of BTS’s Jimin Throughout The Past Year To Celebrate His Birthday

Happy birthday Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin is celebrating his birthday with much love and support from the members, the company, and from the fans.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

He left a message thanking everyone for congratulating and celebrating his special day together. “Thank you to everyone who wished me a  happy birthday. I hope everyone has a happy day as well. I’ll see you all soon on live stream!”

The members also left birthday messages for Jimin through Twitter!

“Jimin-ah happy birthday! I hope you have a happy day #Jiminhappybirthdtay #Sugahyung #HappyBirthdayJimin #Irreplaceable”


“Happy birthday”

“Let’s always be healthy and happy.”


“Jimin-ah Happy birthday- Jin-“

Big Hit Entertainment also dropped a series of photos of Jimin from the past year to celebrate his birthday!

1. Soft Jimin

2. Pretty baby

3. Performing Jimin

4. Cute baby mochi

5. Overall ChimChim

6. Balloon baby

7. Charisma at its finest

8. This fit tho

9. Sunglasses legend

10. Training hard

11. Blue specs

12. Cuddly bear Jimin

13. School boy Jimin

14. Jimin’s duality

15. School uniform Jimin

16. Christmas boy

17. Angel from above

18. Parisian chic

19. “Dynamite” era is a thing

20. 2020 Jimin

Happy birthday to our baby mochi! We hope you have the best day ever!