8 Undiscovered Future Stars Whose Big Hit Entertainment Auditions Went Viral On YouTube

You could see these girls in a K-Pop group one day!

Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music have been holding their Plus Global Audition series for several years, hoping to find the best and brightest talent for a new girl group. Some aspiring stars have uploaded their audition tapes to YouTube, and the best have racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Keep an eye on these 8 undiscovered future stars—you may see them in a K-Pop girl group soon!

1. Minji

Minji’s cover of IU’s “You & I” was pretty short, but it was long enough to show off her impressive vocals. Since she uploaded her audition tape in 2019, it’s racked up 1.19 million views on YouTube.

2. Marcela

In her video description, Marcela states that she wasn’t serious about becoming a K-Pop star, but that didn’t stop her impressive 2019 audition tape receiving almost half a million views.

3. Taehee

Taehee performed a fun and energetic cover of TWICE‘s “Fancy” for the 2019 Plus Global Audition. To date, her video has over 320,000 views.

4. Subin

Subin recorded her dance cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Kill this Love” (which has over 210,000 views) at D.E.F Dance Skool—the same place Weeekly‘s Soojin and several TREASURE members first trained at.

She also has a second audition video uploaded—a cover of ITZY‘s “DALLA DALLA” with over 120,000 views.

5. Solbi

’05-liner Solbi uploaded her adorable and skillful cover of ABIR’s “Playground” at the age of just 15, receiving over 150,000 views to date.

6. Minju

Minju showed off power and control in her dance cover of Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye”, and her Plus Global Audition tape racked up over 130,000 views.

7. Nurish

Then just 16 years old, Singaporean teen Nurish auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment with a dance cover of Sunmi‘s “Lalalay”. Over the past year or so, she’s reached over 120,000 views on YouTube.

8. Maggie

Maggie’s 2019 Plus Global Audition tape has over 110,000 views to date, with many viewers praising her smooth moves during her dance cover of EVERGLOW‘s “Adios”.