Big Hit Turned Into 5 TXT Fan Sites, And They Were Accurate AF

Here are all their fan site names and the meanings behind them.

Since the number of photos taken by fan sites has been limited due to the pandemic, Big Hit Entertainment decided to have some fun by turning into fan sites of their own for TXT. From the fan site names to the before and after photos, the accuracy had everyone amused from how well they executed the role.

Here are all five of the members’ fan site photos and the meaning behind their fan site names—based on their gaming IDs for Minisode1 : Blue Hour.

1. Hueningkai

Hueningkai’s fan site name was an ode to their track “Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?” from The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.

| Weverse

Since he isn’t a fan of anything scary and prefers cute things, Hueningkai only wanted to be surrounded by adorable creatures: @Can’tWeJustSummonACuteAnimal?

2. Soobin

Taking their gaming concept to the next level, Soobin wanted to be a character that was skilled with the short and cool @BinWithArrows.

| Weverse

He couldn’t have a fan site name that didn’t include his main weapon of choice: “I’m an archer. I shoot arrows.

3. Beomgyu

While Soobin’s name was all about action, Beomgyu’s approach was more about serenity. He chose @Angel313 and was more than ready to explain what it meant.

| Weverse

With his birthday being on March 13, it naturally became the day that angel Beomgyu was born.

4. Taehyun

Like Soobin, Taehyun went with a name that would fit right at home if someone had the username for a game.

| Weverse

As an ode to his childhood dream and magic hobby, he chose the mystical @MoonlightSpirit. “I’m a wizard.

5. Yeonjun

With the fan site name like @SweetAndFluffyCottonCandy, there was no mistaking why it fit Yeonjun so well.

| Weverse

He was proud to admit that he created it himself based on his vibrant strands, “It’s because of my hair.

From the watermarks with the members’ clever fan site names to how the photos came out so vibrant, Big Hit Entertainment knocked everything right out of the park.

Source: YouTube