Top 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For T.O.P To Return From The Army

This legend has been away for too long.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P has been in the military since February 9, 2017, but to VIPs that year has felt like an eternity. T.O.P will be the first BIGBANG member to return from the army (in 2019), and that day can’t come soon enough! Here are ten of the many reasons why fans are anxious for T.O.P to come home.


1. His one of a kind personality

T.O.P is the total package; he’s a smart, silly, caring, genuine, and has a heart of gold.

The number one reason why VIPs miss T.O.P is because he’s T.O.P.

No one can ever replace him!


2. His hilarious dance moves

The world needs more of this…

…and this…

..and definitely this!


3. His awesome BIGBANG stories

When it comes to storytelling, T.O.P is a comedic genius without even trying.

Fans can’t wait to hear new stories from him about the BIGBANG members and T.O.P’s military experiences.


4. His sassy Instagram comments

6 Times BIGBANG’s T.O.P Left Boss-ass Replies To Fans on Instagram

With over 8 million followers, you’d think T.O.P wouldn’t bother replying to comments, but he does it like a boss! T.O.P isn’t afraid to give netizens snarky responses, tease his friends, or let his supporters know just how much he appreciates them.


5. His aegyo

Nobody does aegyo…

…quite like T.O.P does…

…and that’s probably a good thing!


6. His explosive charisma

“T.O.P” and “sexy” are synonymous. Period.

Some might say that T.O.P invented the suit…

…because he wears it oh so well!


7. His acting

T.O.P has been in a number of films, such as Out of Control and Tazz: The Hidden Card, but his acting career is still just beginning. We want more T.O.P movies ASAP!


8. His trailblazing style

G-Dragon is one of K-Pop’s reigning fashion kings, but T.O.P also likes to experiment with his look. He has had countless bold hairstyles and outfits over the years, so there’s no telling what T.O.P’s comeback concept will be like!


9. His hilarious interactions with his friends

Fans miss seeing all the mischief T.O.P gets into with his friends, like Se7en

…and Minzy

…and his members!


10. His amazing music!

Fans are just dying for T.O.P to make a comeback but, for now, they can listen to T.O.P’s prexisting BIGBANG and solo tracks until he makes new ones!