Korean Girl Moves To America, Reveals The TOP 9 Biggest Differences From Korea

Here’s what Korean girls notice is so different in the States compared to Korea.

1. “The idea of ‘gay’ is a sensitive topic in the States. Pink or yellow clothes make you seem like you’re gay (depending on the design). Crossing your legs while you’re sitting also seems to indicate you’re gay. They’re extremely sensitive to skinship between people of the same gender. They may not care if you’re in your teens but in Korea, no one cares and it’s not gay.”


“I told Friend 2 that Friend 1 was pretty and she gave me a super weird look and said “so???”. Friend 2 thought I was gay and I had to clear up the misunderstanding.”


2. “There are no barriers between men and women. Skinship just openly happens, whether it’s putting their head on the other’s shoulders, linking arms, or hugs, stuff like that. At parties, they’ll drink and then give each other kisses on the cheek or on the lips and sit on each other’s laps.”


3. “Drugs. It depends on where you are but where I am at, once you’re 18 years old, you’ve probably experienced it or been exposed to it once. It’s really easy to get them. I’ve seen many cars parked strangely together by a house and the people were all quietly doing drugs.”


4. “They’re open to exposure. Girls will wear sleeveless shirts all the time here but not in Korea. They really promote exposing the upper body here and talk about sexual things like it’s nothing. Kids I met for the first time (who were girls) came up and asked me if I was waxed ‘down there’, something you’d never ask friends in Korea.”


5. “It’s so nice riding in a car with the other kids. At 15 (9th grade), they can drive with their parents but that’s no fun. At 16 (10th grade), they can drive alone. It’s really nice for going out to play.”


6. “On the other hand, if you don’t have a car, you can’t go anywhere f**k, it’s no lie. The convenience store or supermarket at all at least 5 minutes away by driving.”


7. “The importance of studies and work is pretty high, about the same as Korea’s. Each week I have 2 or 3 quizzes and I get homework every day. F**k, foreign students who escaped abroad always open their mouths and spew out stuff like you don’t anything. Please realize this.”



8. “Parties aren’t similar to the ones that appear in American dramas. They’re exactly the same. The police appear at American teen parties just like the dramas. International students throw big parties so don’t go to those because the police will appear.”


9. “K-Pop is kind of popular. It’s more popular than before. BTS is really big. GOT7 and BLACKPINK are pretty popular.”


Source: Nate Pann