10 Censored BTS Moments That Prove Big Hit Is Just As Extra As ARMY Is

These funny censors range from “why” to “WTF”.

BTS‘s fans have a great sense of humor, but so do the editors at BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment. Here are 10 ARMY-level censors that scream “extra”!

1. When underwear was okay, but tummies were not

2. When their delete game just wasn’t strong enough

3. When they blurred out Suga’s face a little too late

4. That time J-Hope was censored to protect his human rights

5. When editors painstakingly erased Jungkook’s tattoos from the Bon Voyage 4 promo photos…

6. …but forgot to censor them in Episode 1’s “Story Untold” segment.

7. Every time shirts were added to shirtless BTS members

8. When they covered Jimin’s bomb with a bomb…

9. …and censored Jin with Jin

10. When Big Hit Entertainment covered up Jin’s face, but Jin posted the uncensored version anyway