BigHit Just Dropped A Brand New Version of BTS’ “Boy With Luv” And Here’s How It’s Different From The Original

Here’s how the two videos are different.

On April 26 BigHit released a surprise ‘ARMY With Luv’ version of BTS‘ “Boy With Love” music video, just for ARMY! There are quite a few differences between the two videos, but here are the main ones:

1. Halsey’s opening scene is omitted from the beginning and added to Jungkook’s part.

2. A couple different shots of the same exact scenes were used.

V’s killer opening scene was caught from a different angle in the “ARMY With Luv” version (bottom) to feature more of RM and Jin.

These might have been a little harder to notice, but ARMYs definitely caught that BigHit used different shots in certain places, especially in the beginning.

3. Solo, or partial-group scenes were cut down in favor of full-group scenes.

Suga’s solo scene in the original (top) and in the “ARMY With Luv” version.

BigHit made sure to add more scenes with the full group for ARMY in this version.

4. The first chorus features Halsey’s lines from the album version of the song.

She is also featured visually in this version.

5. The Sign Above BTS Reads “ARMY” Instead of “LOVE”

Original: top

6. Instead of RM’s Iconic Pose, We Get the Blooper Version Instead.

Original: Top

7. Halsey is Included in the Ending Scene.

Original: Top

This version of the video was an overall symbol of togetherness. BigHit cutting down on solo scenes allowed them to highlight the group as a whole. They also made sure to add more of Halsey in the video, even adding her to the ending scene. With the “ARMY” sign as the cherry on top, this video is a beautiful ode to BTS’ bond with each other and their ARMY.

Watch the video and see if you can catch any more differences here: