BTS Shine Bright Like The Sun In New Billboard Magazine Photoshoot

No whitewashing to be found here!

Billboard has released a group cover and individual covers for their magazine’s fall issue featuring BTS. It is set to be released on August 27 and includes an interview with the group as well as a new photoshoot.

Here are the covers and more from the photoshoot…

1. OT7

The cover refers to the group as “BTS INC.,” and the headline reads, “THE BUSINESS BEHIND THE WORLD’S HOTTEST GROUP.” 

| Sunhye Shin

We get to see two unique looks from the group, including name-brand luxury wear and suits.

| Sunhye Shin

The best accessory? The sun!

| Sunhye Shin

2. RM

Leader RM looks all business on his solo cover…

Yet, we see the true Kim Namjoon as he rests in the grass during his photoshoot.

| Sunhye Shin

3.  Jin

Jin reminds us of his iconic “Butter” pose on his cover.

Can we appreciate how amazing his suit’s color looks with his skin in this photo?

| Sunhye Shin

4. Suga

Suga’s ready to take a leap!

Suga also does his signature pose…

| Sunhye Shin

5. J-Hope

J-Hope shows off his duality in his Billboard photoshoot…

While he kept a straight face for the cover, he had fun with the rest of the shoot…

| Sunhye Shin

6. Jimin

This man knows how to rock a suit like no one else.

He can also pull off a cardigan so well. Jimin can wear any style!

| Sunhye Shin

7. V

For the cover, V channels a different era. He wore a vintage-inspired outfit, making him look like a rockstar from the 70s.

He also became one with nature…

| Sunhye Shin

8. Jungkook

Jungkook got up close and personal with his Billboard cover.

RIP, Jungkook-biased ARMYs! Now, we wouldn’t normally let someone lie on furniture with their shoes on… But for him, we can make an exception.

| Sunhye Shin

Source: Billboard