Billboard Releases Their Top 25 Best K-Pop Albums For 2019

The top K-Pop albums for 2019.

Billboard critics has chosen the best K-Pop albums for 2019 and here are their top picks!

25. DAY6’s “The Book of Us: Entropy”

24. MAMAMOO’s “reality in BLACK”

23. ATEEZ’s “Treasure Ep. All to Action”

22. BoA’s “Starry Night”

21. Tomorrow x Together’s “The Dream Chapter: Magic”

20. SF9’s “RPM”

19. Oh My Girl’s “Fall In Love”

18. IU’s “Love Poem”

17. MONSTA X’s “Follow-Find You”

16. BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona”

15. Ailee’s “Butterfly”

14. TWICE’s “Feel Special”

13. Sumin’s “OO DA DA”

12. Baekhyun’s “City Lights”

11. Heize’s “She’s Fine”

10. Crush’s “From Midnight to Sunrise”

9. Dreamcatcher’s “Raid of Dream”

8. Stray Kids’ “Clé 1: Miroh”

7. Giriboy’s “100 Years College Course”

6. GOT7’s “Call My Name”

5. LOONA’s “[X X]”

4. EXO’s “Obsession”

3. Lim Kim’s “Generasian”

2. Sulli’s “Goblin”

1. SEVENTEEN’s “An Ode”

Source: Billboard