Binge Worthy Dramas That Have Idol Leads

Get ready for some sleepless nights.

Lots of idols nowadays are getting into acting and able to show their acting skills through multiple roles. Most idols start as support characters for dramas and get limited screentime.


EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo) in his supporting role for drama, It’s Okay That’s Love.


With experience, many idols start getting offered the lead role and eventually develop into multitalented idols who can do great in music and singing. Here are some dramas worth watching that happen to have idol leads.


1. At Eighteen (Ong Seongwu)

At Eighteen is a drama that talks about the different advantages and disadvantages of certain financial situations. It also talks about the difficult experiences of a teenager’s life growing up and how being 18 years old can be a unique experience.



The male lead of this drama is Ong Seongwu, who was a former member of Wanna One and is now doing both acting and music.



2. Dream High (Multiple Idols)

Dream High is an older and more famous drama in terms of idol-led dramas. The drama is about several students in high school that dream of becoming K-Pop idols.



Their school is like an entertainment company where they will teach the students the fundamentals of being an idol, such as singing, dancing, weight loss, etc. Many lessons are learned and shared as these students start interacting with each other. This drama is a little different from the rest on this list because it features multiple idol leads, where all the main characters, except Kim Soohyun, are idols.


From Left (Jang Wooyoung, Suzy, Ok Taecyeon, Hahm Eunjung, IU, Kim Soohyun)


3. Strong Woman Do Bongsoon (Park Hyungsik)

This drama talks about the life of a woman who has inhuman strength and how she goes through life with this. She eventually meets a man who is a big contrast to her, but they start building an interesting relationship.



The male lead of this drama is Park Hyung Sik (ZE:A)



4. The K2 (Yoona)

This is more action-packed drama and is about a wrongfully framed soldier who wants to get revenge. During this course of action, he meets a woman who is also dealing with unfair circumstances.



The female lead of this drama is none other than Yoona of Girls’ Generation. 



5. While You Were Sleeping (Suzy)

This drama is very unique in its story because of the fantasy elements it presents. It talks about 3 people and how they presumably saved each other from unfortunate accidents. The strange part is that they can see the future of each other through their dreams and can change the course of the future with this information.



The female lead of this drama is Suzy, who is now a former member of Miss A.