From Birthdays to Lunch Dates: 4 Times Jennie and Irene’s BFF Bond Melted Our Hearts

We may not see them hang out often, but when we do, it’s adorable!

Dubbed “Jenrene” by fans, the adorable friendship between Red Velvet’s Irene and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is one the cutest in the industry. Take a look at 4 times these leading ladies warmed BlackVelvet lovers’ hearts with their super-cute bond.

1. When Irene Revealed Their First Meeting

Though Irene has an inseparable bond with her fellow Red Velvet members, she’s known for being rather shy when it comes to making friends with other idols.

Red Velvet is my best friend!

– Irene when Celuv TV hosts asked her about her celebrity friends

That’s why fans’ hearts were warmed when Irene revealed how she became friends with Jennie on Idol Room.

Irene told the hosts about how Red Velvet and BLACKPINK used to go to the same hair salon. Since Irene would’ve been too shy to make the first move on her own, Jennie did it for her.

I find it hard to get close with people. But [Jennie] approached me first, calling me ‘unnie’, so we became close.

– Irene


2. When Jennie Called Irene On Her Birthday

When she has the time, Irene loves to hold yearly birthday parties with her fans, and 2018 was no exception.

At the party, she treated lucky ReVeluvs to some unseen photos from her phone gallery. But as Irene was showing off her pics, she received an unexpected FaceTime call from none other than Jennie!

Jennie was at a schedule in Jeju Island at the time and wanted to show Irene something she’d seen—sadly, fans never found out what that was.

Of course, Irene let Jennie know that she was holding a birthday party and flipped her phone camera so Jennie could see all the fans who came to celebrate with her.

Before the two had to hang up, Jennie revealed she’s a “luvie” too—short for ReVeluv. Considering how close the two are, there’s no doubt that Irene is a BLINK as well.


3. When They Had Lunch Together In LA

Jennie and Irene’s friendship transcends borders! Last February, BLACKPINK flew out to LA to perform at the Universal Music Group Grammy Artist Showcase.

And it just so happened that Irene was in LA at the same time! The stars aligned when Jennie’s schedule lined up perfectly with Red Velvet’s arrival in Los Angeles to perform their Redmare US tour.

Of course, the two besties couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. Not long after BLACKPINK landed in LA, a shocked fan spotted the two idols having lunch together at gourmet restaurant Bottega Louie.

What’s even cuter is what happened at the end of the meal: the girl group superstars were spotted fighting over who got to pay the bill!

4. When They Switched Choreos

The Los Angeles lunch date wasn’t the first time Irene and Jennie’s schedules had lined up perfectly. On November 12, Jennie released “Solo”, her debut single as a soloist.

While she was still promoting, Red Velvet released their own new song, “RBB”, on November 30.

That meant both Irene and Jennie got to promote on music shows at the same time. The two had fans hearts’ melting again when they snuck moves from each other’s choreographies into their own performances.

At first, fans were confused when Irene switched her well-known kiss move in “RBB” for a finger wag…

…until they realized she got the move from the chorus of Jennie’s “Solo”!

On the same day, Jennie started her “Solo” performance with a new move too…

…and it didn’t take long for fans to spot that it came straight from the “RBB” dance.

To seal the day even more cuteness, they later uploaded this mid-hug clip to Instagram.