12 BLACKPINKxRed Velvet Interaction That Had BlackVelvet Fans Screaming

BlackVelvet is real!

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet have shown that they are not just fellow idols, but best friends! Although both groups are extremely busy, whenever they get the chance they love to hang out with each other. Every time fans catch them having fun together, they can’t help but feel like “BlackVelvet” is real. And their moments together are always so sweet that it’s hard not to fall in love with their friendship.


1. Inkigayo fun

When the two groups found themselves together at Inkigayo, they had to hang out! And of course, the cutest interaction of the night goes to Rosé and Yeri with their cute spin to end the night.


2. ISAC fun

The Idol Star Athletic Championships can be stressful so what better way to spend some of your downtime than rocking out to your friends’ song! Red Velvet seemed to have a lot of fun dancing to “As If It’s Your Last”!


3. Great friends think alike

Seulgi and Jisoo got to show off their friendship at Inkigayo and proved that great friends really do think alike!


4. Rosé shoutout

Joy just couldn’t contain herself during one livestream and had to give a shoutout to Rosé. She wanted her to leave a comment on their broadcast!


5. Lunch date

During one radio broadcast, Red Velvet revealed that they often go out to lunch with BLACKPINK. Irene even admitted that she went to the same hair salon as Jennie and that’s where they first became friends!


6. Music festival moment

First, we had this cute moment between Wendy and Rosé.


Then Yeri came to join them making the moment even sweeter!


7. Unexpected facetime

Irene was holding her birthday party with her fans when she suddenly got a facetime request from Jennie! When Jennie found out Irene was currently with her fans and celebrating with them, she wished her a happy birthday and said she would call her back later. What a cute birthday surprise!


8. Gayo Daejun date

Irene and Jennie were also seen hanging out together at Gayo Daejun.


They laughed and talked for a long time and were able to have some much needed time to catch up!


9. Finding friends

Joy and Rosé were able to find each other in the huge crowds. When they had found each other, Rosé fixed Joy’s hair and the two posed for some pictures together.


10. Lisa’s love

Lisa was incredibly excited to see Irene at this awards show. She was seen bowing twice to her in greeting and then walking and holding hands with her down the stage. She was so engrossed in her interaction that she almost missed her group photo with the rest of BLACKPINK!


11. A big hug

Fans were very happy to see Rosé give Yeri a big hug at 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun.


12. Dance time!

And who could forget Lisa’s excellent performance of “Red Flavor” on Idol Room!