BLACKPINK Opened A Filipino “Balikbayan” Box—Here Are 4 Of Their Favorite Items From Inside It

The members loved them!

BLACKPINK opening a Filipino balikbayan box is something we didn’t know we needed! It’s a “box full of gifts [that overseas] Filipinos send to their loved ones back in the country as a way of sending their love.”

Thanks to Philippine company Globe, the members were introduced to a variety of local items inside the box during their interview. From games to fans, they gushed over everything.

Check them out below!

1. Sungka

First up, the members did not recognize the sungka, guessing that it’s a musical instrument. Jisoo even joked that it’s macadamia nuts thanks to its white shells.

When they found out that it’s a popular traditional game, Rosé exclaimed, “Is it a game? Oh my god, I love games.” The host explained that it’s a strategy-focused game with the objective of capturing more shells than one’s opponent.

2. Jeepney

Unfortunately for Pinoy fans, BLACKPINK couldn’t ride a jeepney during the interview, but at least Globe brought a miniature toy version of it to them!

Lisa: Oh, I know! It doesn’t have air-conditioning.

Rosé: But if you drive fast enough, it’s okay because of the breeze.

Rosé commended it, saying, “Cute! I feel like we could all sit there together.”

3. Abaniko

Jennie particularly liked the abaniko, a handheld fan made of plant stems that is paired with traditional women’s clothing.

The others commented that it’s “so pretty” and “very cooling.” They were ecstatic when they found out they could each bring home one fan!

It’s nice and it’s light and it’s pretty too.

— Rosé

4. Banig

Finally, one particular item in the box had them all amazed: the banig! Contrary to their guesses, it was not a bag or a cushion but a mat that “you can also sleep on.” They couldn’t help but say, “Oh, I love this! I really want this. Can I have this?” 

It kept getting bigger the more they unfolded it and so they knew that it would be perfect as a picnic blanket.

Rosé: I want to go to the Han River and sit on it with Hank.

Jisoo: Let’s all go together. This is like a travel package. You put this on the floor, you fan with that, and you play the ukelele.

Needless to say, they all enjoyed the balikbayan box items!

Source: YouTube