6 Calvin Klein Billboards Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Were So Hot, They Could Stop People In Their Tracks

They’re located in the same iconic area.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is taking the fashion world by storm! Ever since she landed a contract with underwear brand Calvin Klein in early 2021, she’s been sending fans into a meltdown with her jaw-dropping photoshoots with them.

Her photos often make it to their iconic billboard location in Houston, New York. Check out some of the best ones below!

1. February 16

First up, Jennie’s latest Calvin Klein billboard is their Spring-Summer 2023 campaign photoshoot. It stands out with its black and white theme, with Jennie donning a simple white bralette with denim jeans and a jacket.

The other photos in the shoot were revealed online, and they were equally jaw-dropping. The BLACKPINK star stunned fans with her polaroid shot in particular as she seemed to wear a barely-there underwear set.

According to the brand, “The 27-year-old is seen in intimates from the label’s 1996 line in addition to the Athletic range.”

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. September 11, 2021

Jennie’s image appeared on the iconic 53 feet by 75 feet billboard in the early stages of her partnership with the brand. On September 11, her photo from their campaign The Language of Calvin was put up.

| Calvin Klein

3. September 26, 2021

A few weeks later on September 26, the Houston billboard was updated with a photo of Jennie standing by a window in low rise jeans.

She also had another one set up in a different location during the same period, this time in La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles.

| Calvin Klein

4. March 18, 2022

For a change of pace, Jennie’s March 2022 billboard in New York showcased two versions of her in a collage. Like always, the vibe of the advertisement was casual and cool just like the singer herself.

| Reddit

5. August 23, 2022

The billboard that arguably received the most attention was the one that Jennie posted on her Instagram account last August 2022. She personally visited the Houston neighborhood and took photos with her sexy standing shot picture.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

6. October 12, 2022

Finally, a similar photo from the same pictorial replaced it two months later.

Fans can agree on one thing: New Yorkers were definitely blessed to see Jennie’s face each day!

Source: Instagram