If BLACKPINK Had The Chance To Be Born Again, Here’s Who They’d Be

Lisa’s happy with being reborn as herself.

BLACKPINK may be one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups ever, but sometimes they want to be something or someone else. Others, however, are content with their current lives.

They were asked in an episode of Star Road who or what they’d be if they had the chance to choose, and the following are their answers. Check them out below!

1. Lisa

First up, Lisa’s love for herself is healthy! She immediately answered that she’d want to be “just herself” if she were reborn.

Considering that she’s a legendary dancer, rapper, model, and more, her answer is not a surprise.

2. Rosé

Rosé, meanwhile, wanted to be something completely different and unexpected: a dolphin.

| Louan García/Unsplash

The cute animal can be found swimming around and giving humans charming smiles. It’s no wonder that Rosé’s reasoning matches with this habit.

Why? Because they look happy.

— Rosé

3. Jisoo

Next up, Jisoo had a unique answer just like Rosé. If she had the chance to be reborn, she’d want to be dust. Though she didn’t explain why, her big smile suggested that it’s something she may have thought about in the past.

4. Jennie

Last but certainly not the least, Jennie had the exact same answer as Lisa. Despite all the hardships she’s faced so far, she was happy to be herself in another life.

With her visuals, talent, and personality, it’s a great wish!

Source: Naver