BLACKPINK Chose Their Favorite Performance Outfits Since Debuting, And They Are Certified Classics

They are all iconic looks!

Over the years, BLACKPINK has proven that they can not only sing and dance, but they are true fashion icons. Since debuting in 2016, the members have pulled off so many music video concepts, with each member showcasing their distinct style. Yet, the members have also proven that they’re style queens with their personal fashion choices in real life.

The members of BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

In particular, fans have fallen in love with the member’s outfits on stage and have regularly been known to choose their favorites. It seems like BLACKPINK has now taken the opportunity to share their choices.

The group recently celebrated its 5th anniversary with fans through a live broadcast! During the video, the members discussed their favorite outfits that they’ve ever worn, and here are their picks.

1. Jennie

Jennie was the first member to choose, and she picked the outfit she wore while performing their track, “As If It’s Your Last.” When performing the track on stage, Jennie’s outfits resembled school uniforms.

Jennie specified the pink version the most, but there is no denying that she looked amazing in all of them. With her charisma and visuals, it made a simple outfit look priceless!

| MBCKpop/ YouTube 

2. Jisoo

Jisoo picked an outfit from the “BOOMBAHAY” era. However, rather than the performance outfits, she looked at what they wore during the music video. All the outfits were amazing, but she singled out the ensemble from her solo scene.

In the video, she sported a simple white shirt and black skirt with accessories. She even explained how she tried to persuade the stylist to let her take the outfit home during the stream!


3. Lisa

Lisa also looked at the group’s music videos when it came to picking her favorite. Like Jisoo, it came in the form of her solo outfit in the “How You Like That” music video, which fans couldn’t get enough of.

There is a market scene in the video, and Lisa looks undoubtedly flawless in a pair of oversized pants and a jeweled top. The beautiful set worked perfectly and was enough to look glamorous but didn’t distract from Lisa’s amazing visuals and flawless rapping skills.


4. Rosé – Coachella 2019

At first, Rosé struggled to choose one specific outfit she loved the most but finally decided with some help from Jisoo. Rosé’s pick was something that she has shared with fans before, and it is the outfit she wore during Coachella in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, fans couldn’t help but agree, praising the sparkly black number she wore on stage. Despite the minimalist design and muted colors, the details on the outfit shone alongside Rosé’s visuals, making her one looks one of the most iconic of the event.