15 BLACKPINK Comeback Responses That Perfectly Illustrate Everyone’s Feelings

Who else is excited about BLACKPINK’s comeback?

YG Entertainment has just confirmed the comeback date for BLACKPINK‘s new mini album! Although the release is right around the corner, we can hardly wait to hear BLACKPINK slay once again! So to celebrate, we’ve compiled some epic responses from BLINKs that perfectly illustrate how we’re all feeling right now!


1. This one that is literally everyone right now!


2. Major props to whoever is out there creating these clever posters of the other BLACKPINK members!


3. The “you better prepare yourselves”


4. The fan who knows what every BLINK is doing right now


5. The excitement just keeps building


6. And then there’s the moment you realize BLACKPINK spoiled us!


7. When you’re so ready for BLACKPINK but then you remember your poor wallet


8. Talent really is a universal language


9. And no fan wars here!


10. When you realize this is exactly how things are playing out right now


11. But you realize BLINKs all around the world are totally winning


12. Seriously, we’re doing good!


13. When you just want to poor out your love for BLACKPINK


14. But you realize you’re also losing your mind because BLACKPINK is coming!


15. And of course, when you finally accept your fate as a BLINK