This Is How Much BLACKPINK’s Luxurious “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV Outfits Cost

These outfits are fit for queens!

YG Entertainment has been known to dress BLACKPINK in some very pricey outfits, and their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video wardrobe is no exception. Stylists outfitted these queens in head to toe luxury!


1. Rosé’s mini dress – $958 USD

This black tulle mini dress couldn’t have found a more fitting model…

…and it was made by Y/Project.


2. Rosé’s sequin crop top – $511 USD

This shiny number was designed by…

…Michael Kors.


3. Rosé’s dress – $3,875 USD

Rosé’s cold ruffled stretch-knit mini dress is the most expensive clothing item in the entire video.

This isn’t surprising, considering that it was designed by the one and only Alexander McQueen!


4. Jisoo’s printed shirt – $310

This Sandra Brant shirt is by Calvin Klein.

The black and white contrast really makes her bubblegum pink wig pop!


5. Jisoo’s multicoloured playsuit jacket  -$3,010 USD

This luxurious blazer is one of the most expensive items in the music video. It was designed by…



6. Jisoo’s sports bra – $106 USD

$106 seems a little pricey for a bra, but this gold logo bra was designed by…

Paco Rabanne.


7. Jennie’s rainbow gown – $3,086 USD

This corset and gown combo by Dolce & Gabbana is one of the MV’s most memorable outfits.

So colourful!


8. Jennie’s jacket – $724 USD

Jennie always looks pretty in plaid! This particular plaid jacket was designed by…

Vivienne Westwood.


9. Jennie’s orb pendant – $213 USD

This flashy trinket was also designed by Vivienne Westwood…

…and it’s fit for a queen!


9. Jennie’s top – $256 USD

This Marine Serre top looks better on Jennie than it does in the stock photo…

…don’t you agree?


9. Jennie’s pants – $329 USD

These bold, printed pants are from…

Cav Empt.


10. Lisa boots – $2,192 USD

This rumpled Y/Project boots might have well been made for Lisa

…because they show off her beautiful, long legs wonderfully!


11. Lisa’s earrings – $2,150

Lisa’s dangling, blue and gold earrings are by…

Chanel. That explains the price tag!


12. Lisa’s heels – $1,986 USD

Once you see these spiky heels, you’ll never forget them.

This unique footwear was designed by Balenciaga.


13. Lisa’s blazer – $2079 USD

This contrast-sleeve wool blend blazer was made by…

…Alexander McQueen.


14. Lisa’s blazer, pants, and boots – $3,595 USD

This outfit really adds up!

Lisa’s ALYX single breasted box fit virgin wool blazer cost $1,655…

…her ALYX mid-rise virgin wool cashmere blend trousers cost $900…

…and her Balenciaga knife spandex sock boots cost $1040!


15. Lisa’s red dress – $2,257 USD

For Lisa’s Kill Bill style scene, she wore this sleeveless lace up maxi dress…

…by Natasha Zinko.