BLACKPINK Drop New Set Of Title Posters For “How You Like That”…And They’re Quite Different From Previous Ones

They all still look stunning!

BLACKPINK have dropped multiple title posters for their upcoming comeback “How You Like That”.

So far, the title posters have been darker and have a more serious image to them. On June 19, BLACKPINK dropped their 3’rd set of title posters, and they seem a little different from their previous ones. This is because they are more neon themed and are a lot brighter in tone when compared to the previous title posters.

1. Jisoo

BLACKPINK’s visual still looking as stunning as ever.

2. Jennie

Jennie looking stunning with her unique eye design.

3. Lisa

Lisa still looking just as charismatic.

4. Rosé

Rosé just staring into your soul with her gaze.