Here Are The 10+ Most Iconic Ending Fairy Moments From BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”

Okay, but moment #2 is perfect.

In case you missed BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” promotions, here are some of the best “ending fairy” moments of the girls! Check them out below and try to choose your favorite.

1. Queen Jisoo serves stunning visuals.

That subtle eyebrow raise is enough to make Jisoo stans weak.

2. Jennie’s doe eyes will 100% make you swerve into her bias lane.

I mean, if you haven’t already.

3. Rosé looks like a fairy.

Not just an “ending fairy.” Like, an actual woodland fairy.

4. Lisa’s glare is literally intoxicating.

Her sambaegan eyes make it hard not to fall in love.

5. Jennie slays with any hair color and style.

Bleached bangs or not, she’s an icon.

6. The stylists killed it on this one.

From her dotted makeup to her adorable hairstyle, Jisoo looks flawless.

7. Lisa’s inner anime character comes out here.

She looks like some badass avenger…and I’m here for it.

8. Rosé’s gorgeous and alluring charms will hypnotize you.

She’s the perfect mix of sweet and enticing.

9. Jennie’s cute blinking made this moment adorable.

Even the way she moves her jaw is precious.

10. Jisoo slays this leopard print set.

Peep the amazing abs!

11. Jennie looks like a work of art. Seriously.

With her hair pulled back, you can see her whole beautiful face.

12. Lisa is the cool, edgy girlfriend we all want.

From the blue streak to the gems under her eye, each detail is perfected.

13. Rosé’s a pastel queen.

Her gorgeous hair color gives mermaid vibes.

14. The way she changes so fast is endearing.

Only Jisoo can go from intense to adorable in .02 seconds.

15. Lisa’s dancer body is #Goals.

She’s fit AF!

16. She doesn’t have to do much to create a memorable ending — Her face is enough!

Who knew someone could make breathing look angelic?

17. You can never have enough Jisoo in your life!

It’s a proven fact.