Bunnie started her journey as a K-Pop fan in college where she immediately fell in love with the culture. Her newfound passion lead her to go to concerts worldwide, attend Korea University in Seoul, and even create an honors thesis about K-Pop's globalization through social media. She hopes to continue to spread the joy of K-Pop through her content and bring happiness to fans alike.
11 Hottest Korean Celebrities Slaying Magazine Covers This August
#3 looks stunning!
Japanese Celebs Adopt Korean Styling…But Netizens Have Mixed Responses
What do you think?
BTS RM’s Reaction To His Military Completion Status Shows His True Feelings
He updated fans on his progress.
Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon Shows Off A Shrine To BTS Jimin
He also makes an exciting announcement!
American Mom Gets A Korean Makeover — And The Results Left Her Husband Shook
Korean Kids Have The Most Unexpected Reaction To Meeting Billie Eilish
You will NEVER guess what he says!
Hawk-Eyed Netizens Spot Tiny Detail About BTS’s Jin That Shows His True Personality
Did you notice this?
BTS’s Jin Is Super Hot In 50+ Brand New Photos For W Korea
Check it out!
Little Girl Accidentally Roasts IVE’s Wonyoung
Kids really do say the darndest things!
BTS’s Jungkook And Jimin Relive Their Iconic “G.C.F In Tokyo” — And Hint At What’s Next
This duo! 😍
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