10+ Lucky BLACKPINK Fans Who Got The Best Fanservice Ever

These moments might make you a little jealous.

The BLACKPINK members gave these 10+ lucky BLINKs memories that might make the rest of the fandom jealous!


1. The fan who got the surprise of a lifetime during a hidden camera prank

2. The fan who made Jennie jealous by giving Jisoo this unicorn headband


3. The girl who personally handed a letter to Jennie in Paris


4. Whoever got this playful look from Lisa


5. The fan who surprised Rosé with a bubble gun


6. The fan that Jennie sneakily accepted a pig plushie from

7. The fan who was air-hugged by Jisoo


8. Whoever was on the receiving end of this pointing finger


9. All the fans who met Rosé out on the street


10. Everyone who was saluted by Officer Lisa in person


11. The fan who danced for BLACKPINK…

…watched them dance…

…and made all the members laugh!


12. This fanboy who couldn’t contain his excitement…

…had direct eye contact with Lisa…

…and became an honorary fifth member!