BLACKPINK Impressed Everyone With Their Live Vocals, Now Here’s Proof All YG Artists Sing Well

No one can doubt their skills.

BLACKPINK grabbed their first win for “How You Like That” in SBS‘s Inkigayo on June 5.

The group sang live with purely background music for their encore stage.

Needless to say, fans had only good things to say about their vocals.

Rosé especially proved why she’s the main vocalist with her stable voice.

Other YG Entertainment groups are also known for their outstanding singing and rapping skills. Check them out below!


WINNER was known for their singing prowess ever since they were TEAM A on WIN: WHO IS NEXT. Leader Seungyoon further proved his talent when he became the idol with the most wins on MBC‘s King of Masked Singer.

2. iKON

iKON has stable vocals that go uncontested in their live performances. Their rappers, Bobby and former member B.I made names for themselves for being particularly powerful on stage.


Sibling duo AKMU won the second season of KPOP STAR with their singing. Chanhyuk and Suhyun made an iconic pairing that the public loved, gaining over six million downloads with their first album Play.


TREASURE may be YG Entertainment’s newest group, but they’ve already proven their talents through YG Treasure Box and their videos on their YouTube channel.

5. 2NE1

While 2NE1 had only four members, everyone was vital to the group. Park Bom was especially well-known for her strong voice while CL was considered one of the best female idol rappers.


Finally, legendary group BIGBANG has always been the company’s pride when it came to talent. Each member was either a strong rapper or vocalist, and they’ve proven time and again that they can sing live.

The YG family is made up of talented artists!