Here Are The Exact Clothing Pieces BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wore To The Airport On The Way To Paris Fashion Week

Here’s how much they cost as well!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently left South Korea for Paris Fashion Week. She once again walked the airport runway that she’s famous for.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jaylim1/Instagram

She wore several different brands during this schedule. Check out the exact pieces she had on below!

1. Her Top

First up, Jennie took a hint from Lisa‘s closet and wore a sweater from fashion brand Celine. It was their “Logo Embroidered Sweater” that can be bought for around $890 USD.

| Celine

2. Her Beanie

The highlight of her outfit was arguably her beanie, the only clothing on her with a pop of color. It was a CHANEL beanie made out of cashmere and silk jacquard, and it was perfectly in line with her favorite “black and pink” color scheme.

Surprisingly, the simple piece costs a whopping $1,375 USD!


3. Her Bag

Of course, Jennie brought along a CHANEL bag as well, but it was no ordinary one. Like the superstar that she is, it was custom made with several accessories from artist Onnu.

4. Her Shoes

Another brand that BLACKPINK endorses is Adidas. It was no surprise, therefore, that Jennie wore their “Forum Bold Shoes” that retails for $100 USD.

| @jaylim1/Instagram
| Adidas

5. Her Accessories

Finally, her look would not be complete without accessories. Jennie had on two rings from CHANEL—their “Coco Crush Ring” in white gold which is sold for $1,400 USD and a slightly thicker ring in yellow gold, this time sold for $2,550 USD.


One thing’s for sure: she was gorgeous from head to toe!

Source: Instagram