BLACKPINK’s Jennie Received Congratulatory Bouquets Of Flowers From These 6 High End Brands, And Each One Was Unique

Which one is your favorite?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the cream of the crop in the advertisement world! She is often given the coveted title of “brand ambassador,” and she brings jaw-dropping amounts of attention to them as a result.

They show their appreciation for her in return in many ways, one of them being by sending her expensive flowers to celebrate the start of BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour.

Check out the ones she thanked on Instagram below!

1. Porsche

First up, Jennie made headlines this month when she was announced as the newest ambassador of Porsche. Given its luxury status among automobiles, it was a unique achievement among K-Pop idols.

They stood out in the waiting room with their blue and white flowers plus a teddy bear wearing a matching racing suit. Jennie called them her “sweet Porsche family” in her Instagram Story.

Dear Jennie,

We are so glad to have joined you on the tour. Congratulations on the start of your journey.

From Seoul to the World, Safe travels!

— Porsche

2. Tamburins


Tamburins is another brand that Jennie recently endorsed. She even went viral for the video she did with them that showed off her acting skills in greater detail.

Like the young and fresh company that they are, they sent her a refreshing bouquet of pink, yellow, green, and white flowers.



Rather than being called an endorsement, it might be more accurate to say that Jennie has a partnership with GENTLE MONSTER. She has released two lines of sunglasses with them so far as their brand ambassador, JENTLE GARDEN and JENTLE HOME.

To celebrate the start of BORN PINK, they gave her a bouquet of red flowers wrapped in elegant black paper.

4. Calvin Klein

Jennie’s most daring advertisements are done with Calvin Klein, an American brand known for their cologne and undergarments.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

They gave her a blue and purple mix of flowers that created an almost ombre-like effect, attaching a note on a green leaf to wrap it all up.

5. HERA Beauty

Next up, HERA Beauty is the brand Jennie recommends for makeup. She often advertises their lipsticks and face makeup with a classic and chic aura overall.

Not only did they give her a set of classic red flowers, they also added a large wine in the middle that she could consume after the concert.


Lastly, CHANEL is arguably the brand that is most associated with the BLACKPINK rapper. Called the “Human CHANEL,” Jennie has represented them for well over four years.

They stood out with a lovely purple bouquet to congratulate her on the start of her tour.

This is not the first time they sent her flowers, giving her pink ones ever since 2018.

No matter which brand it is, each one showed their appreciation for Jennie in memorable ways!

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