7 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Served Looks In The Same Outfits As Boy Group Idols

Jennie brought a feminine edge to these gender-neutral looks.

Jennie may be known for her more feminine, high-teen style, but that doesn’t mean she never wears anything gender-neutral. In fact, here are seven boy group stars she’s worn the same outfits as before.

1. Suga (BTS)

Jennie and BTS’s Suga both wore this $1,650 USD tie-dye distressed cashmere cardigan from AMIRI. Jennie wore it in a February 2020 Instagram update with loose-fitting jeans, white Adidas sneakers, and a $3,300 USD pastel Chanel waist bag.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Suga, meanwhile, wore the cardigan with slim-fitting jeans and white sneakers to iHeartRadio in January 2020.

| iHeartRadio

2. Jimin (BTS)

Jennie and BTS’s Jimin both wore this $2,300 USD logo sweater from Chanel. Jennie wore it in a November 2018 fansign with cut-off jeans and red heels that matched the logo.

Jimin, meanwhile, wore the sweater under a puffy green jacket with black pants during an airport appearance in December 2018.

3. Jackson (GOT7)

Jennie and GOT7’s Jackson both wore this $655 USD taupe overlapped lapel collar short blazer from Moon Choi. Jennie wore it to her Jentle Home opening in May 2020 with the matching Moon Choi trousers, white heels, and her Gentle Monster sunglasses.

Jackson, meanwhile, wore the blazer over a high-necked tee with white boots on a music show in December 2020.

| @GOT7Official/Twitter

4. Yeonjun (TXT)

Jennie and TXT’s Yeonjun both wore this $585 USD oversized knitted jumper from Maison Margiela tailored into a bolero cardigan. Jennie wore it during “Lovesick Girls” promotions in October 2020 with a cropped white shirt, shorts, and a net skirt.

Yeonjun, meanwhile, wore the jumper with a white shirt tucked into jeans for the “Blue Hour” music video in October 2020 too.


5. Taeyong (NCT)

Jennie and NCT’s Taeyong both wore this $1,765 USD graphic layered t-shirt dress from VETEMENTS. Jennie wore it during the “BOOMBAYAH” music video in August 2016 with high-waisted black shorts and plenty of accessories.


Taeyong, meanwhile, wore the t-shirt dress with black pants and equally eye-catching accessories at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2016.

6. Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

Jennie and ENHYPEN’s Jungwon both wore this $275 USD allover moon print top from Marine Serre. Jennie wore it during “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” promotions in June 2018 with her classic high-waisted skirt.

Jungwon, meanwhile, wore it under an orange t-shirt for the “Fever” music video in May 2021.

7. Junhoe (iKON)

Jennie and iKON’s Junhoe both wore this $400 USD Paris short-sleeved t-shirt from Balenciaga. Jennie wore it at an airport appearance in July 2017 with Balenciaga speed trainers and a $2,900 Celine handbag.

Junhoe, meanwhile, wore it with ripped jeans and an undershirt for a “Killing Me” stage in August 2018.

Same Fit, Different Vibes