BLACKPINK’s Jennie Always Steals The Show As An “Ending Fairy” With Her Gorgeous Visuals—Here’s Proof

We can’t look away from her in #6!

BLACKPINK has undeniably gorgeous visuals! One of the best times their beauty shines through is at the very end of their music show performances. Dubbed “Ending Fairies,” they make fans’ hearts stop with one to three seconds of eye contact.

Check out some of the best times Jennie captivated us all as the ending fairy below!

1. In a polka dot headband

With her bright blue contact lenses, she’s an ice cold beauty we all look up to.

2. In two-toned hair

Make way for Jennie’s iconic hairstyle! She made headlines when she had on blonde front bangs—a look that apparently took days to complete.

3. In a ponytail

Jennie was sweet and sexy in a purple and black color scheme for “Lovesick Girls.”

4. In red

Red is definitely her color! She was a strong and independent woman in “Kill This Love” from start to finish.

5. In braids

The most iconic outfit from “Kill This Love” is definitely their grayscale one. With her Me Dic Al “Mecha Crop Top Mixed” shirt, she was stunning.

6. In Pigtails

Jennie usually has her hair up in a ponytail or down in waves, but she’s the cutest when she wears pigtails! With her electric gaze, we can’t look away.

No matter what concept she’s doing, Jennie always performs perfectly as the ending fairy. Check out some of her other picture-perfect moments below.

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