BLACKPINK’s Jennie Does The Sweetest Things For Her Fans During Fansigns—Here’s Proof

Can we please go to her fansign?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the sweetest person ever!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @sanctus116/Twitter

There have been many moments when her love for her fans was evident. When she says she loves BLINKs, it’s not just all talk for her, she shows it in her actions! Check out some proof below.

1. Facing the fan to the fan

First up, Jennie made all of us go “Aww” when she took the wellbeing of BLINKs into account. It must have been a hot day as she had two mini fans on her desk. Without a second thought, she faced the black one directly at the BLINK before her. She’d rather be a little less cool if it meant her fans were comfortable!

2. Allowing them to give gifts

BLACKPINK is not usually allowed to accept gifts from fans even during a fansign. Because of this, a staff member from YG Entertainment tried to stop one from giving Jennie a flower crown, but the BLACKPINK rapper stopped him in turn. She decided that it was alright to bend the rules just a little for a harmless accessory from a well-meaning BLINK!

3. Listening intently

Next up, Jennie always makes sure to pay close attention to every single fan that she meets. She makes each one feel like they’re the only ones in the entire room when she looks at them straight in the eye.

4. Being full of aegyo

Finally, Jennie not only gives her full attention to the people in front of her, but also the best experience possible! Even if she was tired from her “SOLO” promotions, she was full of aegyo in the fansign from start to finish.

We’d love to meet her in person!

Source: Pann