6 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was The Friendliest Person To The Staff Members Of Her HERA Photoshoot

Imagine being her friend?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie brought fans along with her to a series of photoshoots with makeup brand HERA. Besides emphasizing just how gorgeous she was, the video also gave glimpses into her sweet interactions with the staff members.

Check out some moments below when we’d all love to be her friend!

1. When she credits them

First up, Jennie made sure to give credit where it’s due. She supported her stylists by adding their Instagram handles on screen when they appeared on screen.

2. When she speaks freely around them

It’s obvious when a stylist and an artist have more than a professional relationship as is the case with Jennie. Conversations that spanned what was likely hours of prep time were casual and easy.

Jennie: I hope I can film a lot today and put it up on YouTube.

Stylist: Being a YouTuber isn’t easy.

Jennie: Honestly, I think what YouTubers are doing is amazing.

When she lost her game, for example, she wasn’t shy to express her feelings.

Ah, I lost! Oh no, I felt the pressure.

— Jennie

3. When she plays with them

Jennie even asked to borrow her hair stylist’s game to pass the time. When she scored higher than expected, she immediately shared her achievements aloud.

Jennie: Ma’am!

Stylist: Did you reach level 2?

Jennie: No, level 3!

4. When she jokes around with them

Jennie’s close to the ones behind the camera as well. They had fun when she attempted to film an insert shot of herself gracefully exiting the room…but failing to withhold her laugh.

Why did you laugh?

— Camera Staff Member

5. When she gives them nicknames

Another sign of friendship? Giving nicknames! The camera operator from HERA’s second day photoshoot was called “Today’s YouTube Man” by Jennie herself.

6. When she makes the set lively

Finally, Jennie livens up each set she’s in with her bright smiles and laughter. From cringing at her own expression…

…to trying her best to follow instructions to be “frozen,” she made it easy to work with her!

She’s the sweetest!

Check out the full video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Source: YouTube