10 Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Hottest Moments Of 2021

She is 🔥🔥

There’s no denying that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is unbelievably gorgeous!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie has been beautiful her entire life, but she took every possible opportunity this year to remind us of how hot she is. Here are 10 of Jennie’s hottest moments from 2021!

1. The Calvin Klein 2021 Fall Campaign photoshoot

There simply aren’t words to describe how iconic this photoshoot was!

When these photos dropped, BLINKs declared Jennie the sexiest person on the planet. She showed off her toned physique as she posed in Calvin Klein underwear. Just minutes after the photos were released, she was trending on Twitter with thousands of tweets about how great she looked!

2. Jennie the Invincible

Jennie was smoking hot in her cover shoot for Dazed Korea‘s 2021 Holiday Edition!

This photoshoot was definitely proof that she looks gorgeous in everything from sweaters, to tank tops, to puffer jackets, and everything in between.

3. This red Chanel look

She looked expensive AF in this outfit!

Jennie’s cropped vest added just the right amount of sexiness to this classy look and her pearl beads at her waist drew attention to her tiny waist while perfectly matching her pearl necklace.

4. This tennis serve

Jennie rocked this tennis look!

She looked adorable, preppy, and, of course, super hot. This look was definitely a major serve!

5. This girlfriend material Calvin Klein photoshoot

Jennie served major girlfriend vibes in this Calvin Klein shoot!

She looked like she was spending a casual day at home in her photos from this shoot. Even though she exuded casual, cool vibes she was just as hot as ever!

6. When she proved beanies can be sexy, too

Who knew beanies could look this good?!

Jennie posed in black Calvin Klein underwear and Calvin Klein jeans, and we’ll never get over her stunning body line in these photos! Calvin Klein definitely made the right choice by picking her as their brand ambassador!

7. Her Elle Korea photoshoot

Jennie looks just as great with short hair as she does with long hair!

She was the cover star of Elle Korea‘s August 2021 issue, and she stunned fans with how sexy she looked in her short wig. She also rocked a tight little black dress with cutouts near the chest, and looked positively stunning in the formfitting dress!

8. When she exuded Old Hollywood vibes

Jennie definitely has a classic, timeless beauty!

Jennie posted photos from her promotional shoot for the beauty brand HERA on her personal Instagram in November, and she looked like the epitome of both elegance and hotness!

9. Her gorgeous Medusa costume

Medusa may turn people who look into her eyes to stone, but Jennie’s visuals melt hearts!

Jennie turned Medusa, who is typically portrayed as a fearsome creature, into a gorgeous goddess for Halloween this year. If Medusa looked like this, nobody would be able to resist looking into her eyes!

10. When she proved even sweatsuits can be sexy

Jennie always looks hot no matter what she wears!

She was stunning in this casual look, and her delicate waist chain made her comfy fit look totally runway-ready.