10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Proved She’s Chanel In Human Form

Every Chanel outfit looks like it was made for her.

Chanel Korea couldn’t have chosen a better brand ambassador than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, aka “Human Chanel”. Here are 10+ times Jennie showed why she deserves that nickname!


1. When she attended 2019 Paris Fashion Week with all the poise and elegance of a queen


2. When she proved that suspenders and mini skirts are a winning combination


3. When BLINKs were too distracted by her beauty to notice this gigantic perfume


4. When she hugged it out with Red Velvet’s Irene


5. When she displayed her gorgeous waistline in this blue crop top


6. When she did her laundry in style for her “Solo” MV


7. When even her eyewear was on point


8. When she modeled this sexy Chanel outfit for BAZAAR 


9. When she wowed fashionistas at Paris Fashion Week while posing in this beach setting


10. When she visited the Chanel Red Museum, aka her second home


11. When she walked the red carpet in style in this chic Chanel Pre-Fall Season 2017 piece


12. When her dancing made BLINKs’ jaws drop