6 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Model Hyun Ji Made Us Jealous Of Their Friendship In Tokyo Vlog

#3 is too cute.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie visited Tokyo, Japan, last June to watch CHANEL‘s fashion show and perform at their after party.

The “You & Me” singer wasn’t alone. Her friend, Shin Hyun Ji, was also invited to the events of the luxury brand as a model, and they had many sweet moments together behind the scenes.

Check them out below!

1. Support

First up, Jennie was excited to show support for her friend while at work. She took a video of Hyun Ji walking down the runway in full CHANEL attire, cheering her on from the side.

2. Getting Ready

The most adorable interaction between the two was arguably when they were getting ready to go out. Though they did not do anything extraordinary, their obvious ease at being in each other’s presence was the definition of sweet.

3. Pouting

At one point, Jennie couldn’t help but pout when her braid did not turn out the way she wanted. Hyun Ji simply let out a sigh as if this has happened before. Once they realized this fact, they laughed as if on cue.

4. Random Conversations

Speaking of how comfortable they are with one another, Jennie and Hyun Ji were the cutest pair when they went out for lunch. Bare faced and talking about random topics, they were happy simply to be together.

Jennie: I think I’m a panda.

Hyun Ji: Why?

Jennie: I like bamboo sprouts

5. Cuteness Overload

Hyun Ji couldn’t help but giggle at Jennie’s random words, just like a friend who has heard it all!

6. Fun Moments

Finally, the two had fun together partying, trying new food, visiting new places, and simply enjoying each moment in Tokyo.

Check out the full vlog below!

Source: YouTube