From BLINKs To Ariana Grande: 10+ Relatable Reactions To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Iconic “Met Gala” Appearance

Too true.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie attended the 2023 Met Gala and easily became one of the most talked about attendees of the night. She walked the red carpet in a white vintage CHANEL dress complete with gloves and flower accessories.

Needless to say, everyone found her stunning. Check out some of the most relatable reactions below!

1. When Barbie said what was on our minds

First up, the official Barbie account commented, “She is the moment” in response to a post about Jennie.

2. When she was a living doll

A BLINK noticed Margot Robbie, the actress playing Barbie, and Jennie in the same frame and said they were both living dolls.

3. When Ariana Grande made her presence known

Ariana Grande couldn’t help but “like” a post about the BLACKPINK rapper at the Met Gala.

4. When she took our breaths away

Jennie always looks as fine as can be.

5. And when her face card never declined

She’s drop dead gorgeous.

6. When everyone and their mother knew she looked spectacular

And she deserves it, too.

7. When she was powerful

Jennie being at the Met Gala is empowering.

8. When she was living the A-lister life

She’s reaping the benefits of her hard work.

9. When she never disappoints

She’s a fashion icon for a reason.

10. When her after party look was one for the books as well

She knows how to dress for every occasion.

11. And when we needed high definition pictures ASAP

They need to come out now.

12. When she never fails to be the highlight

She wears the clothes, not the other way around.

13. And when she was iconic from start to finish

Finally, she’s a modern day stunner and everyone can agree on that.

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