BLACKPINK’s Jennie Says She Never Wears Red, Here Are 15+ Photos That Prove Her Wrong

She looks amazing in #10!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie looks good in any outfit style and color. When she went out shopping in 24/365 with BLACKPINK, however, she noted that there’s one color she “never wears”—red!

Despite this, Jennie looks drop dead gorgeous in red outfits. Check out some proof below!

1. In her “SOLO” performance dress

2. In hot red lace

3. In cute ruffles

4. In black shorts and a hair bow

5. In a tight bodycon

6. In a long sleeved shirt

7. In a Chanel cardigan

8. In a sweet checkered dress

9. In a comfy bright sweater

10. In a velvet dress for HIGH CUT

11. In a fluffy elegant coat

12. In a photoshoot for GENTLEMONSTER

13. In a photoshoot with Vogue

14. In an oversized shirt and white belt

15. In a soft jacket and choker

16. In a thick black belt

17. And finally, in an eye-catching crop top

Despite Jennie saying she never really wears red, it’s a color that looks drop dead gorgeous on her!