20+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was At Her Sexiest And Most Seductive

#8 is iconic.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie can pull off a variety of looks. While she can have her cute moments…

…fans also know that she can be the sexiest in the room when she wants to be. Check out some of her most seductive moments below!

1. When she gives you the look

2. …again and again

3. When she’s looking down

4. When she’s dancing down

5. When she danced these hip rolls

6. When she blew us a kiss

7. …and another kiss

8. When she got drenched for Sprite

9. When she twerked

10. When she shot this HERA CF

11. When she smirked

12. When she had an up-close self-cam

13. When she stuck her tongue out

14. When she stared at us like that

15. When she fixed her hair

16. When she smiled at the end

17. When she gave us a soft and sexy stare

18. When she made a slow turn

19. When she danced the “SOLO” point move

20. When she went “come hither”

21. When she put on lipstick

22. And finally, when she did this wave

Kim Jennie, everyone!