15+ Images That Prove BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has The Sexiest Shoulders In K-Pop

As expected of the queen.

It is a known fan among fans that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has some of the sexiest shoulders ever but for those who are not as well-acquainted, these images prove she is the queen of sexy shoulders.

Jennie recently shared a post on her Instagram, stating her excitement for their first TV show in the US. In the photo, she wore a see-through halter top that showed of her thin, long arms and bare shoulders.


Jennie’s feminine shoulders are perfect for off-the-shoulder tops, which she has mentioned in the past as one of her favorite styles of tops.


She can make some styles look feminine…


And other styles sexy.


In fact, she doesn’t even have to show her bare shoulders to make them stand out.


It’s also not a secret that she has an incredibly sexy shoulder and neckline.


Check out more photos of Jennie and her sexy shoulders below:

Source: Instagram