10 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Slayed The Color Green In Different Ways

Green is definitely her color.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie can slay any style in any color! One color Jennie looks amazing in is the color green. Through several outfits, Jennie was able to show her duality and turn the color green into several fashionable styles!

Here are 10 times Jennie slayed the color green is several different ways!

1. Casual

While many shy away from wearing such an eye-catching green, Jennie confidence shines in this bright cardigan! With a plain white tee and some cute pants, Jennie turned her fancy green cardigan into a nice casual outfit.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. Sexy

We can’t talk about Jennie and the color green without bringing up this iconic set! This outfit shows off Jennie’s insane duality. She can switch from casual to sexy in seconds!

3. Classy

Speaking of duality, Jennie can also turn from sexy to a more romantic and classy vibe. This green dress shows Jennie’s class and softer side.

4. Preppy

The preppy style is always loved and Jennie shows she can definitely pull it off like no other! With her green plaid skirt and charming personality, Jennie proves she’s the queen of the preppy look!

5. Trendy

Jennie is definitely a trendsetter! After showing off her gorgeous visual in this casual trendy top, it seemed like everyone was trying to get their hands on this look.


6. Summer

Nothing screams summer like this cute look! Jennie definitely glowed in this green top during the group’s appearance at the Sprite Water Bomb Festival.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

7. Cozy

This monotone green ensemble is super cozy and super charming. Even though she’s just chilling at home, she looks gorgeous!


8. Simple

While Jennie always looks spectacular in fancy outfits, she proves she looks just as stunning in a cute and simple green look.


9. Party

Jennie pulled off the perfect party look in this Saint Laurent asymmetrical mini dress.

10. Streetwear

When Jennie showed up in these cool army green pants, all eyes fell on her! With this look, Jennie proved she can put a bit of edge in her style.