4 Times Suzy & BLACKPINK’s Jennie Slayed The Same Brand Endorsement Deals

Maybe one day they’ll star in a CF together 🤩

Even though both BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and idol-actress Suzy have their own unique images, their incredible popularity and visuals have earned the attention of many of the same brands. Here are four endorsement deals these two megastars have in common.

1. Sprite

Sprite first selected Suzy as its new Korean model back in 2014. The Coca-Cola Company, which owns Sprite, later revealed they chose Suzy to represent the brand because of her “clean and youthful image.”

In her Sprite CFs and promotional material, the starlet was known for fluttering between an innocent “girl next door” look and a drenched, sexy appeal. No matter what look she was serving, she always had everyone craving a sip of the popular lemon-lime soda.

Then, in 2018, BLACKPINK was chosen as the latest group to represent the Sprite brand. Jennie undeniably glowed in the group’s first CF, showing off her delightful, sun-kissed visuals against a party backdrop.

Known for embodying cuteness and sexiness simultaneously, the BLACKPINK star drew in numerous customers alongside her fellow members and actor Woo Do Hwan.

2. Chum-Churum

Suzy first started modeling for Lotte‘s Chum-Churum soju in 2016. Scoring a soju modeling contract is one of the prestigious brand deals any female idol can receive, but given Suzy’s unwavering popularity, it’s no surprise Lotte stuck with her for several years.

She was known for always showing off a pure image in her posters, making Chum-Churum appear fresh and elegant.

Jennie inherited Suzy’s title in 2021, joining the ranks of fellow third-generation soju models like Red Velvet‘s Irene and Chungha. In a statement, Lotte revealed Jennie was selected because her “various charms” have made her an icon of the current generation.

Curiously, despite Chum-Churum recently redesigning its brand identity, the white dress Jennie wore in her first pictorial is almost identical to one Suzy donned. That said, they both still show off unique auras.

3. Vita500

One of Suzy’s earliest major endorsements came in 2013 when she became the model for Kwangdong‘s vitamin drink Vita 500. Not many people can pull off vibrant orange this well, but the brand’s signature hue seemed to be made for Suzy’s warm visuals.

Her costumed 2014 CF for Vita 500 is still one of her most fun and iconic clips to this day. From a military uniform to a nurse’s outfit, Suzy pulled off every concept perfectly.

Jennie scored the Vita 500 role in 2021, charming everyone with her addictive smile in her first CF for the brand.

So far, Jennie’s pictorials for the brand have a gorgeous floral feel that’s perfect for the springtime and perfect for the BLACKPINK star’s radiant image.

4. Dashing Diva

Last but not least, global nail brand Dashing Diva was one of Suzy’s most recent brand deals. Recruited as their muse, she represented Dashing Diva in South Korea, China, Japan, and the U.S.

Suzy first became the brand’s model in April 2019, and by summer the following year, Dashing Diva’s sales increased by 200%.

When Suzy’s deal with Dashing Diva ended, Jennie’s began. In 2021, she was named the brand’s newest model. A representative revealed, “Jennie’s image as the wannabe of women in their 20s and 30s, as well as a representative of K-Pop fits that of Dashing Diva.”

With hands as gorgeous as her face, there’s no doubt Jennie will show off the brand’s new premium press-on nail range well.

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