15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Threw Away Her Cute Image And Became Fierce AF

You’ve got to see her in #10.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is usually a cute fluffball…

…but sometimes she can be as fierce as her fellow YG Entertainment label mates. Whether it’s a performance or photoshoot, she can exude pure confidence.

Check out some of her most charismatic and fierce moments below!

1. In BLACKPINK’s Pop Up Store

2. In “Playing With Fire”

3. In her archer persona

4. In “Kill This Love” teasers

5. In “Kill This Love” album photos

6. In full pink and glitter

7. In an ending fairy moment

8. In a close-up during “Whistle”

9. In this move with Jennie

10. In this iconic umbrella scene

11. In pink lipstick and rich girl vibes

12. In bright red and sexy vibes

13. In a glorious hair flip

14. In a blurry but charismatic car selca

15. And finally, in an epic Coachella performance

Jisoo’s perfected the “black” and “pink” parts of BLACKPINK for sure!