Just 20+ Photos Of Red-Haired Jisoo To Cleanse Your Soul And Brighten Your Day

Because we all need some red-haired Jisoo pictures in our life!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has rocked a lot of different colors over the years but her return to red has been an absolute blessing! So here are 20+ pictures of her maroon locks to help cleanse your soul and brighten your day!


1. Ethereal beauty


2. A true goddess


3. She’s red hot


4. And adorable to boot!


5. Jisoo will make you smile with her


6. That smile…


7. My heart…


8. Can’t take it!


9. Who’s scared? Not Jisoo!


10. Chic


11. Adorable


12. Sexy


13. And cool


14. Jisoo’s got it all!


15. She always stands out


16. And she always looks fabulous


17. Her smile can warm your heart right up


18. Seriously, how is she this gorgeous all the time?


19. Jisoo’s looks can kill


20. But at the same time, she can save your heart too!


21. A visual queen


22. And the sweetest goddess!