10 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Didn’t Put Up With Anyone’s Crap

It’s always the nice ones you have to look out for!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa are known for being the group’s most savage members, but even sweet Jisoo has her moments. Jisoo is kind and caring, but if you get on her sassy side – look out!


1. When she questioned YG Entertainment’s training methods

YG Entertainment‘s “king”, Yang Hyun Suk, wanted his princesses to do their own chores…

…but Princess Jisoo ain’t about the peasant life!


2. When she called Rosé out for raising her voice

One time in the practice rooms, Jisoo asked Rosé if she liked trees. When Rosé answered, her tone was a little too sassy for Jisoo’s liking. When Jisoo called her out for it, Rosé backpedaled – fast!


3. When she threatened Rosé with a fork

Jisoo really takes her trees seriously!  When Jisoo and Rosé shared a cherry blossom cake with fans, Jisoo expressed her wish for the cherry blossom trees outside to lose their flowers soon because she prefers their regular leaves. Rosé, on the other hand, likes the trees’ flowers better. When she said this, Jisoo jokingly threated Rosé with a fork until she changed her mind!


4. When she refused to give in to Lisa’s begging

Lisa tried to used her maknae charms to score a tasty snack, but this unnie wouldn’t be swayed.

Not only did she refuse to give Lisa the pudding, she also told fans that she would be saving it to eat later…in secret!


5. When she stared Rosé down for not watching her show

Rosé said that she couldn’t watch all of Jisoo’s broadcast because of a slow internet connection, but Jisoo wasn’t buying it.


6. When she judged Lisa’s aegyo…hard

Sometimes aegyo can work wonders.

Other times…

…it just annoys your unnies!


7. When she was 200% done with hearing Lisa’s voice

The BLACKPINK members once complained about Lisa’s cutesy voice during an audio broadcast. Jisoo suggested that they should lock Lisa out on their veranda as punishment!


8. When she came to her dog’s defense

Jisoo wasn’t about to let Lisa blame her drooling habits on Dalgom. She announced that the drool on Lisa’s pillow was Lisa’s doing, not the dog’s.


9. When she refused to buy Lisa the present she wanted


10. When she straight up called Lisa “stupid”

This is about as savage as it gets!