10 Things You Might Have Missed In BLACKPINK’s “KILL THIS LOVE” MV

You may have missed these little details the first time around.

BLACKPINK is finally back in our area with a brand new music video, “KILL THIS LOVE”. There’s so much awesomeness happening in this MV that you may have missed these tiny details the first time around!


1. The black and pink ribbons on BLACKPINK’s trumpets


2. The swan wings on Jennie’s tiara


3. Rosé’s “EGO” license plate


4. Lisa’s custom cereal boxes


5. The Galaxy earbud the members wear in close-up shots, but not in their dancing cuts where they are wearing the same outfits


6. This broken statue, which may be based on a bust of Aphrodite, the goddess of love


7. The word “love”, scattered in little moments throughout the video


8. Rosé’s 4 leaf clover


9. This stained glass window that has motifs of hearts, and possibly a clover or a stylized cross


10. The empowering words on Rosé’s leather jacket. “Tomorrow” and “arise” can be seen on either side of its front.