10 Candid Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Spotted Being Gorgeous AF On The Streets Of Thailand

She’s especially stunning in #5.

There’s no doubt that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the most beautiful women around! The “LALISA” singer recently visited her home country, Thailand, for a short break, and fans were able to see just how gorgeous she is in real life.

Check out examples of this below!

1. At the airport

First up, it’s almost unfair how fresh she looks even after a long flight.

2. At Siam Paragon

Her back view is simply stunning.

| @gumtum916/TikTok 

3. While rushing by

Even just a glimpse of her rushing by is enough to be astounded at her beauty.

4. While looking at makeup

Lisa is the kind of person who looks outstanding in all angles.

5. While shopping

She’s a natural beauty, alright!

6. While holding a drink

She’s breathtaking even when she’s just walking down the stairs.

7. While looking from afar

Her long legs and overall proportions are jaw-dropping.

8. At Mega, Bangkok

She looks every inch the celebrity that she is.

9. While bowing

A smiling Lisa is an even more irresistible Lisa!

10. In a tight pink top

Finally, she looked stunning wearing a top that showed off her curves.

One thing is certain: she’s beautiful in candid photos and videos for certain!


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