6 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Fiercest Stage Moments In Honor Of Her Upcoming Solo Debut

We’ll never be over these performances!

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s gearing up for her solo debut, and we already know her performances will be iconic and fierce!

To pump you up for Lisa’s solo stages to come, here are 6 of her fiercest stage moments!

1. “Swalla” dance cover

Lisa went viral with her dance cover of Jason Derulo‘s “Swalla.”

| theultimatedodo/YouTube 

In this performance, Lisa’s incredible dance skills were on full display and every single one of her facial expressions was on point.

Lisa totally commanded the stage during this cover, and we know she’ll do the same during her solo promotions!

2. “How You Like That” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Lisa’s charisma shone through in this stage, and she flawlessly rapped her lines!

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Just look at how fierce she was during this performance! She definitely captured the confident vibe of “How You Like That.”

As always, she gave us an amazing performance!

3. “So Hot (THEBLACKLABEL Remix)” at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun

BLACKPINK did their own interpretation of Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot,” and Lisa was just as fierce as ever when they performed it!


Her confidence shone through as the group rocked their version of “So Hot.”

Her new rap verse also added a modern twist to the iconic song.

4. “Whistle” debut performance at SBS Inkigayo

Even though BLACKPINK had just debuted, Lisa was already wowing BLINKs with her fierceness!

| SBS KPOP/YouTube

She proved she was a pro at facial expressions that pop on stage.

She may have been a rookie back then, but she owned the stage like an experienced K-Pop idol!

5. “Kill This Love” at Coachella 2019

BLACKPINK’s historic Coachella performance was a cultural reset, and we’re still thinking about how Lisa commanded the stage back then!


Lisa once revealed they were nervous for this performance, but we would have never guessed judging by how fierce she looked on stage!

Every dance move and every line was perfectly executed.

6. “Pretty Savage” on The Late Late Show with James Corden

BLACKPINK used a live band for this performance, and Lisa’s fierce rap sounded amazing with the band backing her!

| The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

Of course, every dance move was perfectly executed.

Lisa looked flawless and truly seemed to enjoy the performance!