18 Times Lisa Gave Us All Serious Instagram Envy

Her Instagram page is way too gorgeous.

Ever since BLACKPINK‘s Lisa joined Instagram she’s been blessing everyone with some gorgeous snapshots and stunning videos. Her beautiful photos have earned her more than 16 million followers and the number one spot for most followed South Korean female celebrity! As the number of Lisa’s Instagram followers continues to rise, here’s a look at some of her gorgeous posts that left us with some serious Instagram envy.


1. The post that started it all


2. This adorable photo with her furry friend Leo


3. The one that may be the most perfect selca ever


4. Then again it’s impossible to pick Lisa’s perfect selca (because they’re all perfect)


5. Of course, we can’t forget this adorable snapshot


6. Or this sexy one!


7. When Lisa made us very hungry


8. Like really hungry!


9. When she showed off her friendship with her fellow BLACKPINK members


10. And when she seriously made us want to jump on a plane and travel the world


11. When she showed off her flawless sense of fashion


12. And her stunning cinematography skills


13. The time she showed off this short ‘do


14. And the time she became one with nature


15. This stunning behind the scenes look during one of her concerts


16. The time she posed with Stephen Colbert


17. And this beautiful scene, with stunning cityscape to boot!


18. With this Lisa balloon too!