10 New Unedited Videos Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa At Incheon Airport That Highlight Just How Eye-Catching She Is In Real Life

She was especially breathtaking in #4.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa blessed fans and reporters alike in Incheon Airport with her gorgeous visuals! Unedited photos and videos from them showcased her natural, real life beauty.

Check out some examples of this below!

1. When she headed out of the car

First up, Lisa made a splash of an entrance when she arrived at the airport.

2. When she walked confidently

Her walk through the building reminded us of a runway model.

3. When she was shy

On the other hand, she was also as cute as can be when she shyly covered her face.

4. When she removed her mask

Even a mask could not hide her beauty.

5. When she danced to “MONEY”

No matter how far she is from the camera, her charm and stunning visuals will always be noticeable.

6. When she waved to fans

Her fanservice made her even more loveable.

7. When she stood out

In the middle of a packed crowd, she was the center of attention.

8. When she really stood out

Her popularity—and beauty—were clear as day.

9. When her proportions were everything

Her legs go on forever!

10. And when she did aegyo

Finally, Lisa stole our hearts when she placed her hand on her cheeks in the shape of a half heart.

Lisa will be attending the 2023 CELINE fashion show for men’s winter clothes on February 10 at Paris, France.