15 Times Lisa And Jisoo Proved They Are The Greatest Duo

Lisoo is real!

Although all of the members of BLACKPINK are close, Jisoo and Lisa have always melted hearts and made fans roar with laughter thanks to their adorable relationship. While we can’t include all the amazing #Lisoo moments out there here are just a few moments the iconic duo shared that proved they may just be the greatest one out there!


1.  When their livestream took an unexpected (or maybe very expected) turn


2. When Lisa was right there to help Jisoo out with her Thai


3. When Lisa made sure her unnie was looking good


4. When Jisoo was Lisa’s biggest fan


5. When Lisoo was so real


6. When Jisoo claimed Lisa as her own


7. The time they gave off some heartstopping vibes


8. When Jisoo oh so subtly photobombed Lisa


9. The time Jisoo was attacked by Lisa’s mic


10. Any of the times Lisa called out “Jisoo-yah”


11. When the two were totally in sync with each other


12. The time Jisoo wasn’t quite ready for Lisa’s love


13. That hilarious time Jisoo decided to shake “hands” with Lisa


14. The tear-inducing letter from Jisoo


15. And the time Lisa made sure Jisoo got the perfect picture no matter the weather conditions