American Singer Kehlani Wants To Collaborate With BLACKPINK—Here Are 5 Times She Was The Biggest Lisa Fangirl

We need a collab!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa found herself another fangirl! This time around, she’s none other than fellow singer and celebrity, Kehlani. She is best known for her songs “Gangsta,” “Good Life,” “Honey,” and more.

Kehlani recently sat down for an interview for the K Culture Festival where she named BLACKPINK as one of the K-Pop groups she wants to work with. She made sure to give Lisa a shoutout as well!

I still want to collaborate with BLACKPINK. LISA, girl I love you.

— Kehlani

This is far from the first time Kehlani showed her support for the BLACKPINK dancer. Check out some other instances of this below.

1. Regarding a Concert

To begin, she often takes to Twitter to hype up Lisa and profess her love. She wrote, “OKAY LISA” in response to a video of her dancing.

2. Full Knowledge

Kehlani is really not afraid to show her love! In fact, she confirmed that Lisa knows all about her support in response to a Tweet calling for their collaboration.

3. Instagram Stories

Not only does she follow Lisa on Instagram, but Kehlani also frequently shares her posts on her Instagram Stories. She didn’t have any connection to Lisa’s ELLE photoshoot but still shared it with a heart-eyed cat emoji.


Kehlani always keeps herself updated with everything related to BLACKPINK. She was even spotted liking one of Lisa’s solo photos on the official group Instagram account.


Finally, similar to the previous one, Kehlani was seen retweeting a post where Lisa named one of her songs as her favorite. When it comes to public affection, they both have plenty of it!

BONUS: Lisa Supporting Kehlani

On the other hand, Lisa is also a huge Kehlani fan! In a 2018 interview with Japanese magazine MINI, she mentioned her multiple times.

Style icon? One of my favorite artists, Kehlani…I listen to Kehlani’s songs a lot.

— Lisa


Check out Kehlani’s full K-Culture Festival interview below.

Source: YouTube