10 Most Heart-Stopping Moments From BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” Music Video That We Can’t Stop Replaying

We love her confidence in #7!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just released the music video for her solo title track “LALISA.” It was a gorgeous spectacle from start to finish.

Check out some of the best moments below!

1. When she slayed at pole dancing

First up, Lisa revealed that she took five to six pole dancing classes in preparation for “LALISA.” It’s no wonder she killed it!

2. When she skidded down the highway

Lisa looks like she was born to ride a motorcycle with how smooth her ride was.

3. When she wore a suit

Can you scream “Girl Boss” one more time?

4. When she wore traditional Thai clothing

She’s making the nation proud!

5. When she drove down a desert

Lisa cruising down the desert is a different kind of cool.

6. When she walked forward slowly

The model life is calling for her.

7. When the lyrics were 100% true

The lyrics of “LALISA” were full of confidence, and we have no choice but to stan.

Being the greatest of all time ain’t fantasy
Jet black and pink crown belongs to we
Lalisa Lalisa Lalisa I’m confident standing above the sky
Lalisa Lalisa Lalisa they want me

— The lyrics of “LALISA”

8. When she nodded her head

Casual streetwear was made for her.

9. When she smirked

She took our breaths away.

10. And finally, when she did this.

We’re speechless.

Check out the “LALISA” music video below!

Source: YouTube