BLACKPINK’s Lisa Left Fans In Awe At Celine’s Seoul Pop-Up Event With Her Visuals During These Unedited Moments

She’s gorgeous with and without editing!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently appeared publicly at the Celine Pop-Up Store in Seoul on March 20. Fans were stunned by her visuals in unedited photos and videos showcasing just how gorgeous she is in real life.

Here are some of the moments below!

1. She is always the main event.

Everyone wants a glimpse of the golden girl.

2. She tried out a new look…

…and it was a hit!

3. Lisa’s smile is everything.

She smiles…we smile.

4. She’s always serving face.

Her visuals are always on point.

5. Look at that side profile.


6. Just as gorgeous in candid shots.

7. Just one word…


8. Lisa is beautiful in both high quality…

and in low quality!